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Screw-In Furniture Glides for Wooden Legs, Brass

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Screw-In Furniture Glides for Wooden Legs, Brass

Super Sliders Round Screw-In Leveling Glides for Straight Wooden Furniture Legs protect hardwood, ceramic tile, linoleum & hard surfaces from mars and scratches. Designed for application on straight wooden furniture legs adjusts to level any furniture item. Reduces friction and noise while moving furniture with a smooth glide. To attach, based on either soft or hard wood, drill a small starter hole, remove the glide from the insert and gently tap into the hole. Then thread the glide into the insert and adjust height as needed. Can be used on wooden tables, chests, chairs, desks, and a variety of other wooden furniture items.

  • Reduce friction and noise when moving furniture on hard or carpeted floors
  • For straight, wooden furniture legs; glides' height can be adjusted
  • Long-term option for furniture on tile, laminate, vinyl and carpeted surfaces
  • An adjustable, metal glide threads into a plastic insert implanted in the leg