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1 1/4" Round Self-Stick Formed Felt Furniture Pads

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1 1/4" Round Self-Stick Formed Felt Furniture Pads

Super Sliders formed felt sliders pop onto the ends of your chair or table legs or smaller furniture legs to provide a secure grip while protecting your floor from scraping and marring. Featuring a form-fitting design, hard surfaces are protected from scratching and marring from the secure fit of the mover and Super Sliders high-quality felt. Slide furniture effortlessly - tables, chairs, dressers, sofas - while protect your surfaces.

  • Innovative design provides more coverage and surface protection to hard floors
  • Formed felt and self-stick adhesive provide a secure grip to last longer
  • Fits tightly on furniture - no shifting or sliding off
  • Formed, durable felt with EVA foam for extra cushion and self-stick adhesive