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1 3/4" Square Reusable Carpet-Bottom Caster Cups

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1 3/4" Square Reusable Carpet-Bottom Caster Cups

Super Sliders' square carpet-bottomed caster cups protect hardwood, tile, vinyl and laminate flooring from imprints and scratches from casters or other furniture. While the carpeted side protects your surfaces from scratches and maintains a smooth glide across floors if needed, the molded plastic side sits underneath the wheels or furniture legs to hold them in a stationary position, keeping the wheels from rolling over two protective ridges. Reusable, these caster cups work best as a furniture slider on a clean, dry surface. Simply slide the caster cup, plastic-side up, underneath and center the wheels or furniture leg. Super Sliders offers best-in-class surface protection for hardwood, tile, laminate, and carpeted floors. Durable against daily wear and tear, our innovative designs enable you to move furniture effortlessly, cushion a treasured object, and protect your valuable surfaces.

  • Caster cups protect hard flooring and keep furniture on wheels in place
  • Carpeted bottoms provide added surface protection against scratches and indents
  • Furniture caster cups keep items stationary and prevent indentation in floors
  • Hard plastic with molded features to stop rolling and durable, scratch-resistant carpet