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1" Square Self-Stick Felt Pads for Hardwood

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1" Square Self-Stick Felt Pads for Hardwood

Protect all of your household floors and surfaces from scratches and marring from everyday use and movement with these reusable Super Sliders Furniture Square Felt Pads for hard surfaces. Not only will these square felt pads for furniture protect your beautiful floors from damage, they’ll help reduce noise and friction from everyday use. You’ll never have to listen to annoying scraping of a chair against a hard surface ever again!

  • Protect hardwood, tile, vinyl and laminate surfaces from scratches and dents
  • Heavy-duty felt reduces friction and noise for an effortless slide
  • EVA foam layer cushions furniture and secures it in place, moving or stationary
  • Durable self-stick adhesive stays in place and doesn't shift