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2 1/2" Square Carpet Bottom Caster Cups, Brown/Gray

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2 1/2" Square Carpet Bottom Caster Cups, Brown/Gray

softtouch Square Carpet Bottom Furniture Caster Cups protect all of your hard household floors and surfaces from scratches and marring from everyday use and movement. These furniture Caster Cups with carpeted bottoms for hard surfaces protect your beautiful hardwood, ceramic or linoleum floors from damage. They also help reduce noise and friction from everyday use. These long-lasting, heavy-duty furniture Caster Cups are made of durable plastic with a carpeted bottom. The pads can be used on tables, sofas, chairs, curio cabinets, desks and much more. Simply place beneath caster wheels or furniture legs and slide furniture safely throughout your home.

  • Caster cups protect hard flooring and keep furniture on wheels in place
  • Carpeted bottoms provide added surface protection against scratches and indents
  • Furniture caster cups keep items stationary and prevent indentation in floors
  • Hard plastic with molded features to stop rolling and durable, scratch-resistant carpet