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3 1/2" Round Reusable Medium Furniture Sliders for Carpet

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3 1/2" Round Reusable Medium Furniture Sliders for Carpet

Super Sliders' reusable round furniture Sliders' for carpeted surfaces feature a smooth, hard plastic with a layer of EVA foam to cushion and distribute the weight evenly across the slider and grip the furniture for an effortless move. Ideal for heavy furniture that you want to be able to move at any time for easy access for cleaning, rearranging or frequent use, they glide effortlessly across carpeted surfaces. To use, simply slide underneath a piece of furniture, foam-side up, and center the slider under the furniture leg or foot for the best results. Save your carpeted and rug surfaces from snags and tears. Super Sliders' offers best-in-class surface protection for hardwood, tile, laminate, and carpeted floors. Durable against daily wear and tear, our innovative designs enable you to move furniture effortlessly, cushion a treasured object, and protect your valuable surfaces.

  • Move furniture with ease- perfect to make moving, cleaning or re-decorating projects so much easier
  • Heavy Duty - Use these heavy-duty furniture sliders on all your mid-sized items, including dressers, chairs, loveseats, desks, and more
  • Easy to Use - Simply place them under your mid-sized items to quickly and easily move items across carpet
  • Material - Made of durable rubber foam and hard plastic for a smooth glide every time