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3/8" Round Self-Stick Felt Pads, Beige (84)

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3/8" Round Self-Stick Felt Pads, Beige (84)

Softtouch self-stick felt furniture pads come in 3/8" round sizes and in beige to protect hardwood, tile, vinyl and laminate flooring from scratches and reduce noise and friction. These round self-stick furniture felt pads are ideal for items that are frequently moved across hard surfaces - chairs, stools, tables, desks, end tables. Reinforced with a layer of EVA foam to cushion and grip the furniture better, it enhances the surface protection of the heavy-duty felt and produces an effortless glide across hard surfaces. The self-stick adhesive does not shift and will stay in place. For best results, apply the self-stick adhesive to a dry, clean surface. Softtouch is dedicated to helping protect valuable surfaces against damage with innovative, whole-home solutions to protect the things you love.

  • Protect valuable, hard surfaces including floors, counter tops, tables, etc.
  • Reduce noise and friction and eliminate scratches and indentations
  • Heavy-duty felt pads with a layer of EVA foam cushion slide easily and grip firmly
  • Durable self-stick adhesive stays in place and doesn't shift