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3/8" Round Self-Stick Bumpers, Clear (20 Pack)

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3/8" Round Self-Stick Bumpers, Clear (20 Pack)

Protect the surfaces of valued tables, cabinets and countertops with SoftTouch Clear Heavy-Duty Bumpers. These round, 3/8" self-stick, non-slip bumpers fit on the bottom of any piece of décor, small appliances, lamps, etc. to protect the surfaces of furniture, counter tops, or mantles. Place them on the back of frames or hanging artwork to save walls from nicks and scratches. Or place bumpers inside drawers and cabinet doors to reduce the impact and noise of slamming drawers and cabinetdrawers. Available in clear, they blend in and go unnoticeable around your home. For best results, apply to any clean, dry surface - the long-lasting self-stick adhesive stays in place. SoftTouch provides trusted surface protection for every room in your home. For over 35 years, we have protected the things you love.

  • Bumpers save table tops, counters, mantles, walls from nicks and scratches
  • Keep items like décor and appliances in place - save surfaces from scratches
  • Reduce the noise and impact of closing drawers and cabinet doors
  • Apply the bumper to the flat, clean surface of a piece of décor or the inside of a drawer/door