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3" Round, Cupped Heavy Appliance Sliders, Beige

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3" Round, Cupped Heavy Appliance Sliders, Beige

Super Sliders 3" Cupped Appliance Sliders are made of durable vinyl and heavy-duty felt and feature a cupped design, perfect for caster wheels or adjustable feet found on most large appliances. Its straight edge allows pieces to move into tight spots - in between cabinets, next to walls and other large appliances. Make cleaning easier as once-difficult items now glide across hardwood, tile, or linoleum surfaces.

  • Cupped design keep caster wheels and appliance feet in place
  • Protect hardwood, vinyl, tile and laminate floors from scratches and indents
  • Straight edge slides flush against cabinets, walls for easy cleaning
  • Heavy-duty rubber cupped design with sturdy felt layer