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5" & 7" Multi-Surface Slide & Hide Reusable Furniture Sliders, Beige (16 Pack)

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5" & 7" Multi-Surface Slide & Hide Reusable Furniture Sliders, Beige (16 Pack)

Super Sliders Reusable Slide and Hide Furniture Sliders hide under furniture corners to be left in place for easy moving and cleaning. These sliders feature a straight edge that makes it easier to move objects into corners or adjacent to walls and objects and a rounded edge for easy sliding. The thick, EVA foam layer secures the pieces in place while in motion. Handy for projects like home remodeling and moving, they can be used multiple times on different pieces of furniture. Keep them in place underneath pieces that need to be moved frequently. For hardwood, tile, and laminate surfaces, the heavy-duty felt layer stands up to frequent movement and does not scratch or nick your surfaces. Super Sliders offers best-in-class surface protection for hardwood, tile, laminate, and carpeted floors. Durable against daily wear and tear, our innovative designs enable you to move furniture effortlessly, cushion a treasured object, and protect your valuable surfaces.

  • Straight edge for walls and corners for frequent moves for cleaning, rearranging
  • Round edge for easier sliding across carpeted surfaces
  • Heavy-duty felt for hard surfaces; Durable plastic for carpeted surfaces.
  • All reusable sliders feature thick layer of EVA foam to provide a firm grip of the item