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7/8" Nail-On Furniture Glides for Wooden Legs

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7/8" Nail-On Furniture Glides for Wooden Legs

softtouch Nail-On Furniture Glides for Straight Wooden Legs protects multiple surfaces, reduces friction and noise, and provides a durable smooth glide performance. Prevent scratches on hard surfaces and snags across carpeted surfaces during everyday movement and use. For use on straight legs only: simply drill a small starter hole and tap the glide on to the end of the furniture leg. Great for stools, chairs and tables.

  • Long-lasting surface protection for hardwood, tile, vinyl and laminate floors.
  • For straight, wooden furniture legs: glide is tapped into the bottom
  • Long-term option for furniture on tile, laminate, vinyl and carpeted surfaces
  • Smooth, rounded plastic disc and metal nail for attachment