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7" Reusable Slide & Hide Furniture Sliders for Hardwood, Beige

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7" Reusable Slide & Hide Furniture Sliders for Hardwood, Beige

Slide & Hide Super Sliders furniture sliders hide under furniture corners to be left in place for easy moving and cleaning. These sliders feature a straight edge that makes it easier to move objects into corners or adjacent to walls and objects and a rounded edge for easy sliding. Super Sliders are the #1 best selling and most trusted furniture mover on the market today, offering superior quality and long-lasting performance for all of your furniture moving and floor protection needs.

  • Protect Hardwood Surfaces - Slide & Hide Super Sliders are ideal for quickly and easily moving furniture across hard surfaces
  • Reusable - These reusable sliders can be left under furniture for easy moving and cleaning, or can be removed for future use. Can be used to help move tables, sofas, beds, dressers, recliners, heavy appliances and more
  • Slide & Hide - Our Slide & Hide design features a square edge to easily be hidden beneath corners of furniture, and a round edge for a perfect slide every time
  • Easy to Use - Simply place sliders beneath your heavy furniture to easily slide across hard surfaces