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Assorted Reusable Furniture Sliders - Hardwood/Carpet

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Assorted Reusable Furniture Sliders - Hardwood/Carpet

Make moving furniture the easiest part of your move or remodel with this reusable / self-stick Super Sliders furniture sliders kit. The 52-piece kit is a must-have for any home and includes plastic sliders for carpeted surfaces and felt furniture sliders for hard wood, tile and linoleum surfaces. Both types of furniture sliders help protect your floors from damage from moving or everyday use, too. These furniture sliders provide proper weight distribution and a secure grip, making it easy to move furniture into just the right place…or maybe just a little more to the left.

  • Move large, heavy items across hard and carpeted surfaces
  • Designed to distribute weight evenly and prevent indentation from heavy items
  • Leave reusable sliders under furniture to move easily for cleaning or rearranging
  • Heavy-duty felt for hardwood, tile, and vinyl surfaces; smooth, durable plastic for carpet