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Alt Uses for Super Sliders: The Perfect Workout After You Move-In

Posted by Yonatan on Aug 31st 2021

As students are gearing up to go back to school with their friends, everyone must pack their books, their clothes, and everything else in between. Students must remember their new year's resolutions to stay in shape! Unfortunately, nobody likes making the walk across campus to the gym, so this is a terrific way to remember to bring gear for at home workouts – Super Sliders to the rescue. Ask any fitness guru – this is the perfect portable workout gear when getting back to school, their dorm room, or at home. No major equipment needed!

Bonus: a 4-Pack of Super Sliders still comes under the total price of any of the 8 Best Workout Sliders under $25, According to Amazon Reviewers.

1. Lightweight and Travel Proof

Since you know you want to work out every day (to stay in-shape, but also to impress the ladies) you need something that you can use in your dorm and at home. Plus, they won’t damage your new hardwood floors in your dorm room during a floor sliders workout.

2. Across Multiple Surfaces

The best part about this product is they work on multiple surfaces! Just think – none of your roommates (or future landlords) can ever complain about scratching the floor! Which is what happened to your roommate last semester when they were carrying heavy items after move in! Hardwood, carpet, tile, etc. no problem at all for Super Sliders.

3. All Types of Workouts

Thai planks, mountain climbers, burpees, sliding push-ups, arm slides are all distinct types of workouts that can work with Super Sliders. That is full body, without the use of heavy dumbbells or a gym!