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Avoid dorm room damage charges

Posted by Becca on Aug 11th 2021

As August comes along so does the end of another wonderful summer and the back-to-campus rush. College students begin to shop for new dorm room or apartment décor, parents of college students book moving trucks or borrow Uncle Ed’s pick-up, and college campuses begin planning the back-to-school move-in days, which usually span over the course of a whole week.

For college students, back-to-school move-in can be exciting, however, for parents, it can be less so. Some may be sad their student is moving away again, but most are stressed about move-in itself. Moving students in and out multiple times in one year, for some as many as 4 times, can take its toll on, not only your back, but also your stress levels and your wallet. Colleges and universities leave move-in up to you and your student, usually offering little help and will charge you for damages to floors and surfaces caused by moving (or throughout the school year).

Super Sliders help parents to lower their stress levels and lessen their back pain by providing parents with surface protection solutions that help them more easily move their students into their new dorm room as well as keep their dorm room tile and laminate floor protected from costly scratches. Here’s the best surface protection for every step of the college move-in process:

Step 1: Make Move-In Easier

Move in day on college campuses means moving a lot of furniture. From the futon to the mini-fridge, reusable furniture sliders will save you from breaking your back while carrying lots of heavy furniture down the long campus halls. While the size of your furniture may vary and you can get our furniture moving sliders in a variety of sizes, you’ll want to make sure you get the right material for your flooring. Some college apartments will have carpet, but many dorm rooms are predominately tile or laminate flooring. For carpet, you’ll want our hard furniture sliders and for tile or laminate flooringyou’ll want our felt furniture sliders.

Not only will these furniture sliders make move in easier, but they’ll also protect your new rooms floor from any damage sliding heavy furniture can cause and make redecorating or any future move-in days easier as they’re reusable.

Step 2: Protect Your Floor

While reusable furniture sliders will protect your floor during move in, college dorm rooms are active places and you or your student will probably have plenty of friends over, so protect the floor from damages (and your wallet from damage charges) by using a more permanent solution, self-stick furniture pads. These furniture pads can stick to desks, dorm beds, mini-fridges, ottomans, and a variety of other furniture in order to protect the floors of a dorm room. Put these on the bottom of your furniture at the beginning of the year and you won’t have to think about them again until you get your final tuition bill, when you’ll remember all about them when you see the lack of damage charges from scratches on your floor!

Step 3: Protecting Other Surfaces

While floor damage is one of the more prevalent charges students see on their damage charges, it’snot uncommon to see other damage charges from scratches on wood desks, windowsills, and shelving either. Typically, most colleges have wood furniture and it’s easily damaged, so while your ceramic plant pot may be beautiful, it also may end up costing you. You can use Super Sliders bumpers, felt pads, and grippers to help to prevent damage to other surfaces in your dorm room.

Protecting your dorm rooms flooring from scratches and your wallet from damage charges can be done easily, even if your dorm room has more unique flooring (for a college) like wood or cement, we have a variety of options for all different flooring and surfaces. You may also find it easier to move in with one of our specially-crafted moving kits, which you can find here.