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Bumpers and Pads in High Traffic Areas with Gorilla Glue Technology

Posted by Becca on Sep 17th 2021

Stronger Surface Protection In the Areas of Your Home that Matter Most

Home’s garner a lot of wear and tear over the years. From the kids and their friends running through the kitchen every day after school, to holidays spent gathered around the dining table, to family movie night in the living room every Friday night, the rooms that you can find the most love in also tend to be the rooms that you see show the most signs of wear and tear the fastest.

Enabling those love filled moments while also protecting the quality of your home is what Super Sliders have always done, but now, we’re focusing specifically on those rooms that fill up with a little extra love. Our Super Sliders with Gorilla Glue technology are the best surface protection solution for those extra special rooms that tend to be a lot more active.

Living Room

From the couch to the coffee table, if you have wood flooring, you’ll want to use Super Sliders Felt Pads with Gorilla Glue Technology to protect your floors. Some other more unique furniture you may potentially want to consider using felt pads for would be side-tables, console or sofa tables, reading chairs, ottomans and tv stands.

These are all furniture pieces that either get used, moved, or bumped into fairly often, be it by your dog running to see who’s at the door, your spouse redecorating, or your kids getting into things, these pieces of furniture are probably moving often so protect them for longer and without having to worry about them falling off or needing replaced with Super Sliders Felt Pads with Gorilla Glue Technology.

Dining Room

Dining room chairs are one of the places customers use our felt pads most. Chairs are constantly being moved in order to be used so the felt pads on the bottoms of these chairs tend to wear down a lot faster than normal. This is one of our top 3 spots for using our new Super Sliders Felt Pads with Gorilla Glue technology.


Similar to your dining room, eat in kitchens get a lot of use. Be it a table or, more commonly, counter or bar stools, Super Slider Felt Pads with Gorilla Glue technology allow homeowners to protect their kitchen floors for longer than other felt pads thanks to their extra strong adhesive and extra thick felt. The perfect surface protection solution for this highly trafficked and full of love area.

In addition to felt pads, kitchens can also benefit from Super Sliders Cabinet Bumpers with Gorilla Glue Technology. Bumpers are great at quieting your house and protecting your cabinets from damage but since cabinets get used a lot, they can wear out quickly. Super Slider Bumpers with Gorilla Glue technology save you from constantly replacing your bumpers, as they last 3x as long.


While not a need for every hallway, if you have a highly trafficked hallway with a console table, cabinet, or other side table or chair, you may want to consider using Super Sliders with Gorilla Glue technology in order to protect your floors and surfaces from potential damaged caused by people running or walking by and bumping into furniture.

Bathrooms on the Main Floor

If a bathroom is the one mainly used for guests, you may want to consider Super Sliders with Gorilla Glue Technology for shelves, cabinets and even toilet paper holders since it’s a more highly trafficked area.