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Cyber Monday is for the Week!

Posted by Matt on Nov 18th 2021

The days are getting shorter, the weather is getting colder and that means just one thing, it’s time to spend way too much time in the kitchen!

With Cyber Week upon us and the holidays just around the corner our kitchens are about to get a workout. Rather than spiking our coffee with peppermint schnapps, Super Sliders can help us maintain a bit of sanity as we prepare an epic feast for family members whom we see but once a year (and we’re about to be reminded why that is…). Whether we’re buying ourselves too many kitchen gadgets to create that perfect holiday spread, or we’re dusting off that stand mixer to make our world famous once-a-year cinnamon buns, Super Sliders is here to help!

Whether it’s ensuring things stay in place, or making them easier to get from cabinet to counter, we have a solution to make the holidays a bit brighter.

Making Cabinets Quieter

Is that the pitter patter of little feet in the kitchen? Nope, it’s just Uncle Frank waking up at 5am and doing his daily search through every cabinet in the kitchen searching for that elusive coffee mug, slamming each cabinet just as we begin to doze back off. Never fear, Super Slider x Gorilla Glue bumpers popped onto the back of cabinet doors can help us all love our families a bit more. And, are you sick of waiting in line to use your own bathroom? Sorry, we can’t help you with that, but know that we all empathize and those couple of hours of sleep we just gained back can help us all smile a bit more.

Small Appliances can be a Big Pain!

Good old Uncle Frank helps you get your 400 pound stand mixer onto the counter, and then disappears into your bathroom again for at least an hour or two. But this behemoth is right in the middle of our workspace and now it’s stuck! We try moving it around the counter but those little rubber feet make it feel like moving a mountain around the counter. We have a fix for that! Let Uncle Frank stay in the bathroom and out of the kitchen for a few more hours by popping our brand new Super Sliders x Gorilla Glue felt pads on the bottom of that stand mixer and slide it around the counter like a curling champ in the Olympics!

Kids are finally in bed and we’re looking at our blender (affectionally named the margarita maker) ready to provide much needed refreshments to the family, but the noise of that thing chopping ice could wake even the deepest sleepers. Rather than waking up the kids who just took an hour to go to sleep, look to Super Sliders for a solution! Popping a round felt pad on each of the blender’s feet will help keep the kids asleep in their beds, Uncle Frank asleep on the couch and everyone else enjoying a much needed bibation.

Pitter Patter of Little Feet

As our nieces, nephews or neighbor kids run into the kitchen for the hundredth time looking for snacks, we smile as our hearts are warmed by the joy on their faces eating another snickerdoodle cookie well on their way to a sugar crash (but hey they’re not ours, so eat up kids). With price we watch them clear their plate, it is then that they step on that garbage can pedal as they push back on the can itself creating an impact so loud Santa can hear it. As the metal clang of the lid slamming into the wall shakes us out of our cathartic moment, and the mark it just made on our newly painted wall makes us question why we didn’t go to the Caribbean this year, we know Super Sliders must have a solutions for us. Cut to shape Super Sliders x Gorilla Glue felt blankets can be cut to size to protect that point behind the can and all will be right with the world again.  

The holidays can be stressful, but Super Slider can make the whole season a bit calmer and quieter. If you’re sure you’re going to need Super Sliders this (and we all know we will), maybe just pick up a megapack of felt and bumpers, so you have a solution for every application and check one more thing off your list.

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