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​Extra Tough Spots Where Super Sliders x Gorilla Glue Can Come In Handy

Posted by Bernadette on Oct 13th 2021

No matter how careful we are as homeowner and as heads of families, there are certain areas of your home that will see more wear and tear. This can be frustrating as home maintenance and home repairs can be costly.

“Generally speaking, you should expect to spend between 1% and 4% of your home's value each year for maintenance. This means that if the cost of your home is $200,000, you should probably save anywhere between $2,000 to $8,000 to spend on annual upkeep.” One of the best ways to save on this yearly home maintenance cost is by being preventative.

A major part of being preventative is to know your problem spots. These are some common areas that can often use some extra strength and durability when it comes to preventative maintenance and surface protection.


Pets are well known for being a major factor in your homes yearly maintenance needs. Some clever ways to prevent scratches they and their stuff can cause is with Super Sliders with Gorilla Glue Technology Felt Pads. Putting them on the bottom of food and water bowls and holders, on treat dispensers, toy bins, and on other things your dog has regular contact with can prevent scratches on floors, cabinets, and furniture.


The holidays are a wonderful time, surrounded by family.However, the influx of visitors in your home can also be a large contributor to the scratches and damage done to various surfaces. Moving dining room chairs, bumping into the console table in the hallway, putting bags, coats, and umbrella is away in the entryway closet, random cabinets and drawers getting shut a little too roughly.

If you have wood, tile, marble, composite, or bamboo flooring or cabinets, this means a significant increase in traffic. Protect those areas during the holiday season with Super Slider with Gorilla Glue Technology felt pads and bumpers. The extra-strength adhesive makes sure that no matter how many holiday parties you host, your floors, cabinets, and furniture stay protected.

Kids Furniture

Be it your kids little chair, stool, their play kitchens, or them just trying to help you out and move your furniture for you, your home can take on a lot of wear and tear during their younger years. This means the need for extra-strong surface protection. We recommend using Super Sliders with Gorilla Glue technology on items like little wooden stools, potty training potties, play kitchens, highchairs, and even certain toys. Using them on moving toys (think rocking chairs, toy cars, and rideable unicorns) as well as certain favorite toys that border walls or are on wood floors (think doll cribs and accessories, train tracks, andBarbie dream houses) can let your kids play to their heart's extent, but keep your home protected at the same time.

Mudroom or Entryway

No matter if it is the holiday season, if you have kids, or if you have pets, your mudroom and/or entryway get some of the most traffic of all your home. Protect it for 3x longer, with surface protection with 20% stronger adhesive and 60% more felt to keep the necessary maintenance for it to a limit.