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Felt Pads and Bumpers for Fall Decor

Posted by Gabriella on Sep 30th 2021

Fall is finally here, and that means cozy sweaters, pumpkin spice everything, and some good ole homegoods decor. Seasonal decor is one of the biggest culprits that damage tables and other surfaces. Why? Because we are constantly moving them around until we find the perfect spot, then we proceed to move it around some more, and finally we have to put them away for next year. That's an ample opportunity to bang up your home. Now, we aren't saying to pop our bumpers on your pumpkins, but we are saying to pop them on just about everything else.

Here’s a short list of our best products for fall decor:

1. Assorted Round Self-Stick Felt Pads + Bumpers, Beige/Clear (162 Pack)

These are great if you are an impulsive buyer, and don’t know exactly what decor you need to protect. It’s a bulk pack, and has a little something for everything.

2. Non-Slip, Self-Stick Gripper Pads, Black

If you have any big piece of fall decor that you don’t want moving around, this is your best bet. These grippers will keep things in place, and protect surfaces. A great DIY hack if you decor is a funny size is to cut these to fit your piece of decor.

3. Super Sliders x Gorilla Glue 1/2" Round Rubber Bumpers, Clear

This product is perfect for any ceramic pumpkins you have, any halloween decor made of metals, and hard plastic. Things that can really mess up your surfaces if they are accidentally dragged across a table.

Whatever your choice, let us know how you enjoyed your purchase by following us on Social and commenting how you used your Super Sliders to protect your home during the spookiest time of year.