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Super Sliders Can Upgrade Your Home for the Holidays

Posted by Becca on Nov 30th 2021

From mid-October until January 1, when the holiday season is in full swing, your home is in constant flux. From candy-pass out on Halloween, to hosting Thanksgiving, to your bright-eyed kids early on Christmas morning, and bringing in the New Year's snug in your home, surrounded by your friends and family, you’re constantly decorating and redecorating, bringing out the nice set of silver and china, and cleaning (and cleaning, and cleaning some more!). No matter how much you love the holidays and quality family time, all this can be exhausting! Luckily, we have many tips and tricks to help you get through, slightly less exhausted, (and just as happily) this year!

Self-Stick Felt Pads on Décor You Move Often

If that heavy turkey on the beautiful ceramic serving tray that your kids always slide around on your beautiful oak table during Thanksgiving causes damage, try putting some small, self-stick felt pads on the bottom of the tray! Your kids will be able to slide around the turkey however they like without you having to worry about the damage caused!

Another great spot forsmall reusable felt pads is on your smaller holiday décor that tend to get moved around a lot. Be it a nativity scene or a menorah, your nice wood mantel piece can be protected!

Reusable Sliders on Large Furniture Pieces

We all must move furniture around way more during the holidays to make sure there is enough room for our guests to be comfortable, or to make room for your tree!Unfortunately, this means redecorating a lot during a 3-month period. Our reusable Super Sliders, available for both hard and soft surfaces (hardwood floors and/or carpet) make redecorating and moving furniture much easier, saving your back and your limited amount of time!

Grippers On Large (Breakable!) Holiday Decorations

Be it your favorite piece of décor or a family heirloom, if your holiday décor is on a high ledge, put a gripper on the bottom of the décor to keep it from getting bumped, dropped, and broken.

The Christmas Tree Slider

Between your tree and your tree stand, it can be difficult to get your tree in the perfect spot. Our Christmas tree slider can help you to make sure your Christmas tree looks perfect, no matter if you have carpet, hardwood, tile, or any floor type in between!

Bumpers For Décor on Soft Surfaces or On Seasonal Wall Décor

Natural wood elements can really warm up your home during the chilly holiday season, unfortunately they are also super susceptible to damage. Protect the wood furniture that’s in your home all year round from your temporary holiday decorations by putting bumpers on that décor.

This is a great hack for frames, wreaths, and signs that are temporary as well. Bumpers help to keep them from getting crooked and they protect the paint on your walls so that you don’t have to touch up your paint once the holiday season is over.

Grippers For Entry Way Décor

Grippers are great for you most highly trafficked areas on your home, for both large and small pieces of furniture and décor. Try applying them especially to your most frequented entry way! Be that the umbrella stand, coat rack, or the dancing Santa that never fails to dance and greet everyone who comes through that door!

What pieces of holiday furniture or décor do you find causes the most damage to your floors and surfaces during the holidays?