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Super Sliders Christmas Tree Slider the Latest in Surface Protection

Posted by Katie on Nov 8th 2021

You’ve strung the garland and perfectly placed the lights and decorations so well that your Christmas tree belongs in a storefront window. Even the star is placed on top without a hint of being off-center.

But the tree is too close to the register and the warm air is starting to dry the tree out.

Or it is too close to the dog bed, and he’s been knocking the lower row of bulbs off in his sleep.

Maybe the family is coming over and you need to make some space underneath for all the gifts for the White Elephant.

Or you need to clean up fallen needles before a little one toddles over to investigate.

Whatever the case may be, there have been moments when moving a fully-decorated Christmas Tree have come up – and not everyone has the Houdini-like skills to make that happen without disaster striking.

For years, Super Sliders has led the way in surface protection, whether it is improved adhesive in their  latest collaboration with Gorilla Glue, creating domed felt pads to protect reclaimed hardwood or tile floors, or all-weather felt pads for outdoor furniture. We have constantly kept the obscure needs of homeowners in mind, and our latest offering is no exception.

Available in 24” and 36” diameter, the Super Sliders Christmas Tree Slider is a circular, nylon cover with three, 33” straps. It protects flooring from water that may have spilled out of the tree stand, or from sap falling from your tree. Clean-up is significantly easier for sweeping up fallen needle, tinsel or broken ornament.

Use the Christmas Tree Slider alone for round, live tree stands. But for footed tree stands, place one of the 2 ½" anti-skid rubber cups underneath

For best results, place the unfolded slider on a clean, dry surface, then place your Christmas tree stand in the middle.When the time comes to move your tree – decorated or not –pull slowly from one of the straps at a low angle to maintain stability. Or simply take hold of the middle of your tree trunk and gently push or pull those couple inches to the left or right while decorating.

While in a festive green color, we understand that decorating under the tree is equally important. First and foremost, the straps can be tucked away inside of the slider: there are three pockets that Velcro shut to keep the straps hidden and out of the way. Our Christmas Tree Sliders are also small enough that your family Christmas Tree Skirt should have no problem covering it up.

The Christmas Tree Slider comes with a storage bag made of the same durable green nylon. To store the slider for next season, fold in the sidesof a dry, clean slider so that you have a square-shape, then fold in half. The slider should easily fit inside the storage bag to be packed away amongst the decorations for next year.

Since this is a new product, we’re always looking for other ways that our products can help protect your valuable surfaces. We can’t wait to hear how you’ve repurposed the Christmas Tree Slider throughout the year. Maybe underneath a large potted plant that you’ve brought inside for the winter that continually drops leaves, or has a leaky bottom?