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We’ve Got A Handle On the Situation

Posted by Bernadette on Oct 19th 2021

When the Super Sliders with Gorilla Glue Technology line of products launched last month, we focused on our self-stick felt furniture pads and how the 60% more felt lasted three times longer than standard felt, providing longer surface protection for your hardwood, tile, and laminate floors.

We also launched improved gripper pads, another way that our product line saves your surfaces from scratches and marks left behind by a sofa that has shifted when someone flops down to watch television.

As with the felt furniture pads, our improved gripper pads feature the same Gorilla Glue Technology in the adhesive – a level of stickiness that keeps the pads in place without shifting over time or leaving behind a residue.

The effectiveness of the adhesion is supported by a layer of EVA foam, which serves three purposes:

  1. Acts as a noise and shock dampener, dispersing the energy across the foam pad, and distributing the load.
  2. Acts as a barrier between the gripper material and adhesive; without it, the adhesive would seep into the gripper material, weakening the strength and hardening it. This foam layer keeps the adhesive at the surface and in direct contact to the furniture leg or foot.
  3. The EVA foam also conforms to the bottom of the furniture. Every dimple and imperfection in the bottom surface of your piece of furniture is in impact with the pad. More surface area to cling to.

Combining these three materials together in our new gripper pads provides an improved anti-slip tool for homes – and not just between furniture and floors. Our gripper pads keep things in their rightful place, as stationary as possible:

  • In the home office, underneath a keyboard that screeches across the desk, a monitor, or underneath a printer.
  • In living room, underneath a lamp on an antique end table, or under a planter on the mantle.
  • In the kitchen, underneath small appliances on granite countertops.
  • In the garage, against the wall where large tools like rakes and shovels hang, keeping them from swinging back and forth or leaving small marks on the walls.

The gripper surface of these self-stick pads is non-slip and is gentle to not just hardwood, tile, and laminate surfaces, but those of tables, desks, countertops. The items that need to be stationary in your homes stay in place – they don’t slide inadvertently leaving behind scratches. The gripper surface is also non-marking – no need to worry about a black mark on your tile floor.

The Super Sliders with Gorilla Glue Technology product line will continue to expand over the coming months, with more surface protection solutions for your home, office, classroom, even garage.