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Enjoy Free Shipping on All Orders!
Enjoy Free Shipping on All Orders!

Our Advantage

Effortless Surface Protection for Carefree Living

At Super Sliders, we believe in living life without worry by protecting the things we love. We are makers of best-in-class surface protection products that are durable, secure, and designed to prevent daily wear and tear. Whether it's to enable you to move furniture effortlessly, cushion a treasured object, or protect the floor around a busy kitchen table, Super Sliders products feature innovative, thoughtful details you can trust to keep your surfaces beautiful. Super Sliders, is a part of the Waxman Industries family of brands.

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Our Mission

At Super Sliders®, we are dedicated to helping homeowners and pros protect valuable surfaces against damage by providing innovative whole-home solutions for effortless surface protection and carefree living.

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Why Super Sliders

We are a category leader in the design, development, and distribution of innovative surface protection products with over 80 years of industry experience.

As a trusted and reliable business partner, we maintain the highest levels of service to meet the demands of all our customers.

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Easy to Use, Easy to Find

Packaging organized by color and product use makes the shopping experience easy and intuitive.

Super Sliders products are available directly on our website and available online and in-store at major retailers like Lowe’s, Meijer, Walmart,, Wayfair, Bi-Mart, Valu Home Centers, FredMeyer, & Sutherlands.

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Color Coated packaging labels: Save Surfaces, Stay in Place, Slide Effortlessly, Outdoor Surfaces