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Enjoy Free Shipping on All Orders!

Assorted Sizes Round Self-Stick Felt Furniture Pads Brown 46 Pieces

SKU 4615495N
  • PROTECT YOUR HARD SURFACES - Everyday use and movement of decor, small appliances and cabinetry can be damaging the surfaces in your home. These SoftTouch Felt Pads to protect your beautiful furniture tops or counter tops from scratches
  • REDUCE SCRATCHING AND NOISE - Use these round felt pads to reduce friction and noise while moving items. Make your small appliances easy to slide on counter tops with no damage.
  • Each pack includes 46 self stick felt pads

Product Description

Protect all of your household surfaces from scratches and marring from everyday use and movement with these reusable SuperSliders Round Felt Bumper Pads for hard surfaces. Help reduce noise and friction from everyday use by applying assorted round bumpers to decor, small appliances or cabinetry.

These long-lasting, round felt bumper pads are super durable with a self-stick adhesive for easy application and lasting protection. Each pack includes assorted sizes round, brown felt bumper pads – they’re an essential purchase for every household!

Protect the beauty of your household surfaces with high quality felt pads. Made from heavy duty materials, Waxman brand felt pads come in an extensive selection of sizes for complete surface protection.