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Reusable Furniture Sliders Moving Kit for Hardwood, Beige

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Reusable Furniture Sliders Moving Kit for Hardwood, Beige

Super Sliders'' Moving Kit furniture Sliders'' for Carpeted Surfaces are the ideal products to easily and quickly move tables, desks sofas, and other heavy furniture across carpeted surfaces. Made of superior quality materials they can be used to move a variety of household items. These Reusable Sliders'' are able to be removed to be used again and again, or left in place for easy moving and cleaning. Furniture sits on a cushion of heavy-duty felt and foam inside a hard plastic disk.

  • Slide large items effortlessly and safely across rugs and carpeted surfaces
  • Designed to distribute weight evenly and prevent indentation from heavy items
  • Leave reusable sliders under furniture to move easily for cleaning or rearranging
  • Smooth, durable plastic surface and EVA foam cushion slide easily and grip firmly